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Because this is infinitely more fun than homework.

I fancied up the community journal page a bit - check it out and let me know what you think.:) In particular, is the background picture too big? I know monitor sizes and resolutions vary, but can everyone see the hobbitses in the lower left-hand corner? (Dragon mood icons in honor of Bilbo, of course.;))

Along the same lines, I'd like to suggest a new discussion topic (that is, unless you guys have more fanfics to recommend!;)) LOTR art (especially hobbits). Fanart, professional art, anything. I'll start with (duh) Ted Nasmith. Check him out here: Click on "Inspired by JRR Tolkien" on the left side. Okay, so sometimes his hobbits look a bit terribly ugly, but as long as he doesn't try to do close-ups of them he's awesome!;) Lovely lovely angst pictures from ROTK, and some gorgeous landscape images from all Tolkien's books. The guy knows his clouds, that's for sure.;)

"At the Foot of Mount Doom." OhmyGodohmyGod how many months left now??

"In Haste to the White City." Okay, so you can barely see Pippin but check out that sky! Lovely blend of cumulus, cirrus, *and* stratus!:D

"Departure at the Grey Havens." Waaah.

Come on, share!:D
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