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For those of us interested in the ongoing Domlijah Are They Or Aren't They? debate, this snippet is from a report on Collectormania 4 was posted by pinion

Then, as I know has been reported elsewhere that question came up. Although not too directly, no one asked about slash, they arrived there by themselves. I got a rough transcript :

Q: What do you think of the rumours about yourselves on the internet?

Elijah: Oh, you mean the homosexual thing?

Sean: No, they mean the you and Dom thing.

Elijah: I think that it is so funny. I only heard about it around three months ago, I'm gay and Dom's gay and we're under some contract from New Line that says we can't reveal our love for each other? It's hilarious. One said Dom was meant to be dating my sister so he could secretly see me more. Ridiculous. But we've been playing up to it now, and making gay jokes, which I guess perpetuates the rumours even more. I think at one point all the hobbits were meant to be gay on set with each other, which is insane.

Sean: I don't understand why you can't have close male friends without getting gay rumours.

They went on to say that if it didn't hurt anyone they weren't that bothered by rumour. Over in the Two Towers talk, Dom was addressing the same question, asked a little more directly, I believe. He denied it and said he and Elijah were going to walk the red carpet for ROTK holding hands. I'm told Lawrence then suggested the film be renamed 'Return of the Queens.'

Anyway, I guess that was the big news of the night, certainly crushed a few tinhats.

I am highly amused :)
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