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So am I the only one feeling this way?

Is anyone else worried that they may not be able to enjoy FOTR again after Dec. 17th?

I've been trying very hard to avoid spoilers, so apart from the official trailers, I've seen very little. But even the small glimpses I *have* had of Frodo in ROTK just break my heart. And just listening to "Concerning Hobbits" on the Fellowship soundtrack makes me tear up.

I'm just afraid that after seeing ROTK, and the full extent of what Frodo goes through, I'm not going to be able to enjoy "Fellowship" anymore. I'll just be a huge blubbering mess all through the Shire sequences, comparing the happy innocent Frodo onscreen to the broken, suffering Frodo in Mordor.

Yeah, I can reread the books and still enjoy them, even knowing the end. But somehow that's different from *seeing* what happens. I know that, and I haven't even seen what happens yet...

So tell me: am I overreacting here? Or is anyone else feeling the same way?
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