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Oscar For Elijah Petition..Please sign NOW!

Well this HAD to be done! So I did it.

It may or may not influence the Academy but if we all sign this petition and SIGN IT NOW because the nominations go out in only a month...... we will, at the least, be showing our support for Elijah who truly deserves it.

Possibly, it will make enough of the nominating commitee think more seriously about giving Elijah the nomination he deserves.

I will also notify Elijah's management about the petition so HE will know how much we want this for him.

I am going to post this on all of Elijah's sites so it won't just be us signing it. I hope thousands of Elijah's fans will support him in this.

Please sign today! We only have about two weeks to make a BIG impact!

The cut-off date for signing is Jan.10 so that the petition can be sent to the Academy in time for the nominations to be decided.

A Best Actor Oscar Award Nomination For Elijah Wood Petition to the Academy

C'mon. Let's try and make a difference for Elijah!
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